By getting your business to "pop up all over the place",
more new customers can find you

Time to call in the experts! Lollipop Local - We Direct Traffic to your website

Our Approach:

Keywords are at the centre of everything we do...

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Keywords - we work out what is being typed into the search engines by people who want what you offer

Search Engines - we help Google to match your website as the answer to those searches - it's known as SEO

Social Media - sharing puts your product / service in front of even more interested people

These three things working together mean your business will get found, get more customers and increase sales!

Let us manage all this for you OR show you how to do it for yourself on one of our training courses

If you want to get more customers, your website needs to be on the front page of their search so they can see it – wherever and whenever they look!

Everywhere I searched online, you kept popping up!

Now that’s what you want people to be saying about your business.

    The more the brain sees a business, the more it recognises it.
    The more familiar the brain becomes with a business, the more the owner of that brain trusts it.
    Build that familiarity and trust at a time when a person is ready to buy and it’s what makes them give you a call, send you an email or pop into your shop.

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Why choose Lollipop Local?

Because we are not a faceless company hiding behind a set of standard packages!

Every campaign is customised to suit the requirements of the business concerned.

But also to keep on the right side of the latest changes made by Google and Facebook.

Each client receives a personal investment of time on our part …

… and WE thrive on YOUR success!

We have happy clients across England:

- Blackpool and North Yorkshire

- Birmingham and Coventry in the West Midlands

- London, Surrey and Kent

- plus Southend, Chelmsford and Brentwood in our home county of Essex

gone to great lengths to... promote me and my work accurately, effectively and with passion. Read more of what our clients say about us...
Lorna Withers, Essex Acupuncture Clinic
Jo Shaer
Head of Strategy & Content
Jon Law
Head of Metrics