We had set up the Lollipop Local Places page so that we could take advantage of people checking in and also giving us recommendations but when we tried to merge the Places Page with the Business Page, we got all the way through the merge process, only to be told that 'you cannot merge Facebook Pages because the locations are too far apart'.

cant merge Facebook pages because locations are too  far apartThat's when I realised that the map in the dashboard was not showing anything that I recognised. So I tried to 'add to the map' and discovered that Lolly was now based in Wigan - about 400 miles away on the other side of the country... in Wigan.

So, naturally, we increased the size of the map and moved the red marker pin back to Essex - only to be told that was not allowed.

Each attempt to move any distance was met with an error message. It was only when we restricted the movement the pin so that it stayed within the confines of the box inside the info section that we were allowed to make the journey, inch by painful inch across the country. It took the best part of a week - at some points we realised that it might actually have been quicker to walk carrying the blessed pin on our backs.

cannot merge facebook business and places pages because location too far apartBut, eventually, we found ourselves back in Essex - only to be met by the new Facebook timeline and the removal of the function to the nether regions of Facebook on the photos pages.

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