I woke up this morning to find my first email in my Facebook inbox.

Now this is rather odd because I have deliberately not set up an email address with Facebook.

email to inbox on FacebookAnd I don't know this person but his email has gone directly into my inbox, not my Other inbox or, indeed, my Spam folder.

Which means that he has paid for it to be sent to me. But how he has paid for an email to come to my inbox is another matter.

I can send the message to spam but there is no way that I can block the user because I only have his email address - most bizarre.

Anyway, screenshots to show how to send a message from your inbox to your spam filter. First open the email and then go to the top of the page and select the drop down menu next to Actions.

report spam or abuse in facebook inboxSelect Report Spam/Abuse.

You will get a pop up with three options:

mark as spam and move to spam folder
report individual messages from a hacked friend as spam and delete
report conversation participants for harassing or threatening me

Check the box for mark as spam and move to spam folder.

It will then appear in the spam folder - not the Other folder. To find your spam folder, go to the top left and you will see Inbox (23) Other (59) and then a More with a small arrow for a drop down menu. In there, you will see the option to look into your Spam Folder. Check Spam and anything of that nature will be listed there.

If it was a Facebook profile, you could click on it and block it but this is an email so there is no way of doing that.

Another mystery of Facebook.

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