transfer domain ownership of websites
transfer domain ownership of websites

When you come to transfer domain ownership for a website, you suddenly realise the importance of buying and registering a domain correctly in the name of the person who actually owns the business.

One of my clients has an issue with his website. He purchased the business and the website from the previous owner and has been paying for the domain's renewal for several years. However, when we took on the management of his SEO, a search in revealed that he did not actually own the domain. It was still registered with the previous owner.

Now there is the possibility that the old owner's company - which is how this website is registered - may go into liquidation. Who is going to own his website then?

With a .com domain, you can just go into the Who Is section in the dashboard where the domain is registered and make the alterations.

However, with a website, it is not so simple. Nominet monitor and control all the information that relates to ownership of these domains.

Transfer Domain Ownership for Websites

There are only two ways to transfer domain ownership for websites... and they both involve Nominet.

The previous owner has to log in to his Nominet account and start the transfer process to the new owner.

The new owner has to get the log in information for the previous owner's Nominet account and start the process for the transfer to himself.

This transfer will usually involve a charge of about £10.

Both the existing and new Registrant must complete Nominet’s transfer form and send Nominet the completed form along with a letter of authorization.

Once logged in to the Nominet account which owns that domain name:

  • Select the Registrant Transfer tab. This is located under the Your Domains tab.
  • Select the domain name that you want to transfer.
  • Enter the new registrant’s email address and specify who will be paying the transfer fee.

Once you submit the form, Nominet will send a confirmation request to the new registrant. S/He then has five days to agree to the transfer.

If the transfer is not confirmed within those five days, Nominet issues a refund. You will need to start the process again if you still want to transfer the domain name.

If the new registrant accepts the transfer, Nominet sends you a confirmation email to let you know that the transfer process is complete.

You can also effect the transfer of the domain from one registrar to another at the same time or separately.

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