wordpressWe've all done it! The 'expert' showed us how to do it and we think: "Yes, that's easy, I'm sure I can remember how to do that!"

And then a few weeks go by before you finally get around to repeating the instructions and trying to perform the activity... and you've completely forgotten how to do the simplest part of the process.

How To Log In To Your WordPress Website or Blog.

So, here it is - in words of one syllable for the two therapists who 'fessed up today...

In the search bar at the top of the page enter:

Name of your website or blog/wp-login.php

For example, I would put in www.lollipoplocal.co.uk/wp-login.php

If this does not work, it may be that you need to add the word wordpress to the URL - like this:


This will bring you to the log-in page where you can input your details.

... and if you've forgotten your Username and Password too, just click on 'Lost Your Password' and put in the email address against which the site was registered and WordPress will send you instructions on how to create a new password that you can make a note of and put in a safe place.

Remember, when choosing a WordPress username, it is never wise to go with the default 'admin' as hackers work on the basis that this is the username and so it makes the job of cracking the password half as difficult.

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