Jo, Can you disconnect from people on LinkedIn? How do you remove a connection?

Another great question that came up during my LinkedIn Workshop this week.

How to remove a connection on LinkedIn?

remove a connection on linkedinIt's simple enough. You go to the profile of the person you want to disconnect from.

They will be a 1st level connection - that's the only level you can disconnect from.

On their profile, you will see a big blue button that says 'Send A Message'

To the right of this is an arrow to show a drop down menu. Click the arrow.

The last option in the drop down menu will be Remove Connection. Click that.

You will now be asked if you are sure you really want to and shown the things that you will no longer be able to see about the person you are disconnecting from.

You will lose:
Your relationship notes
The ability to send that person messages
Notifications about job changes
That person's updates and shared content

what happens if you disconnect n on linkedinIf you're really sure, then click the big blue Remove button. They are now no longer a 1st level connection.

If you change your mind, you will be able to reconnect with that person.

If I remove a connection, will that person know that I have disconnected?

The person concerned will not be informed that you have removed them as a connection. However, if they do a search in which you come up or they just decide to check out your profile, it will show that you are no longer a 1st level connection because the Connect button will appear next to your name.

If they do notice, they will not be able to re-initiate the connection. Only you as the person who broke the connection can invite them to connect again.

The more observant may also noticed that you have viewed their profile and you have now gone from a 1st to a 2nd or 3rd level connection.

Here's a way to remove connections without having to go to their profile first.

How to remove more than one connection on LinkedIn?

If you want to remove more than one connection, you can do this on your Contacts page - follow the instructions here

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