UK Social Media StatsSocial Media Today tell us that as of September, there were over 15m users in the UK with 80% active on mobile devices (compared to only 60% globally)

Over half the population of the UK has an account on Facebook – that’s around 31m people

And there are over 12m LinkedIn users in the UK with over 60m page views per month

If you start adding up the numbers of people in the UK on those three platforms alone,

that’s 15+31+12 = 58 million people that could be seeing information about your business.

But not if you don’t have an account!

Learn how to get your business in front of all these people, come on one of our social media training workshops.

We watched The Wolf of Wall Street last week. The story of Jordan Belfort’s rise and fall as a stockbroker in the 1980s… and then his rise again as a result of his sales training program and the film itself.

Sell me this pen

One of the highlights of the film were two scenes in which he encouraged sales people to “sell me this pen”.

The first of those scenes showed Leo DiCaprio playing Jordan as he tried to encourage a disparate group of less than competent individuals to become his sales team. I warn you now, there is a lot of swearing!

But each of them fails until the last one takes the pen from Jordan’s hand. He then says: “Write down your email address” to the response “I haven’t got a pen!” Continue reading

Search Engine Optimisation
Search Engine Optimisation is one of those terms that has spawned an industry of charlatans. Whether you live in Essex or elsewhere around the globe, there cannot be many business owners in 2014 who have not received an email or telephone call from a person with a British name but very broken English offering to get them to the top of Google by getting them lots of backlinks.

What is SEO?

Back in 2011, we said that Search Engine Optimisation is the name given to the activity of making the content of any website readable for the bots that Google, Bing and Yahoo send out to crawl the internet for information. It is a form of website promotion because the practice allows your site to be ranked more highly on the SERPs (search engine results page) for a specific search term.

The component parts were:

On page and off page optimisation

A few years ago, this meant that you worked out which words and phrases were being typed into Google by people who were searching for your product or service – they keywords.

Then you made sure you included them lots of times on the pages of your website – the on page optimisation.

And and on the pages of other peoples websites with each of those keywords hyperlinking back to your site – the off page optimisation or backlinks.

The more times the keywords were mentioned on your site and the more backlinks you had with those keywords as the anchor text, the more traffic Google would send to your site.

But things have changed. The spammers started filling pages full of just keywords, making the content unreadable for humans. No one wanted to make a search that landed on a page of gobbledegook. And that made Google look bad as a search engine.

So they changed the rules. And put in place some updates to find the spammers who were spoiling their business model.

Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird.

A lot of websites that had previously been on the first page for their keywords crashed and burned.

How Can Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) help businesses in Essex today?

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block on linkedinBlocking is a new feature that was introduced by LinkedIn in February.

Blocking a connection on LinkedIn

You go to the person’s profile – this means that you can only block people who are connected to you.

Click on the drop down menu beside Send a Message

Select Block or Report from the drop down menu

You could just disconnect from them.

Blocking someone who is not a connection on LinkedIn

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where are my Facebook tabs/apps

new-personal-timeline-layout-facebookFacebook is currently rolling out the latest round of changes to personal timelines and also to business pages.

On the home page of the personal timelines, this seems to have bigger pictures on a white background, whilst the less important sections are on a grey background. On the actual personal timeline itself, this theme is carried through with a grey background around all the important white background areas.

No one knows how they are deciding who to honour with an earlier upgrade but certainly they are coming to a Facebook business page near you by April 8th.

How to get Graph Search if you don’t already have it

Having said that, many of you in the UK are still waiting for the change in layout that will happen with Graph Search! If you want to make it happen sooner, you need to:

get graph search on FacebookGo to Settings via the drop down menu at the top right of your navigation bar. Click

Now find the Language option. At the end, you will see an Edit option. Click

Yours will be set to English (UK). Select English (US) and save.

Your personal timeline should now change to show the big white Graph Search bar in the blue navigation bar.

Where has the dashboard gone on my Facebook business page?

The new changes which are rolling out have done away with the old dashboard that you could hide or show. Personally, I think that’s an improvement – it used to get in the way and involve lots of scrolling up and down to get to the status updates.

facebook business page new dashboard april 2014

Now you have a small horizontal navigation bar across the top of the page that shows various options. It’s ABOVE THE COVER IMAGE


How can I control who can write on my Business Page – the old Settings menu?

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