Facebook other inboxBack in January 2013, I wrote about this when we were calling them Facebook's Hidden Messages but they are now called Other Messages.

When you click on your Messages tab on the right hand side of the Home page of your personal profile, you will see the two options.

Facebook's other inbox feature

Inbox or Other


Each will have a number of messages in brackets and it is quite alarming to discover how many messages go into that Other folder.

Facebook's Other Inbox

So how does it work?  Well, if you try to message someone on Facebook to whom you are not connected, Facebook puts that message into their Other folder.

It's great because you find a lot of the messages from those strange people who try to chat you up on Facebook in there.  When I checked today, one chap had sent me three over the course of 8 months.  His most recent was imploring me not to ignore him!  Maybe I should switch my profile visibility to a more private option.

At the end of 2012, Facebook began trialling an option where you could pay to have your message put into the inbox of people that you didn't know.  This rolled out to everyone in the middle of 2013.

So, if you try to message someone and there are no mutual friends, you will be asked to pay a fee to guarantee that it goes into their inbox.
Facebook paid message

In May 2015, I believe it costs 69p per message for normal people. For celebs, it was as much as £10 - to send a message to the main Inbox of Tom Daley, the diver!


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instagram followers

What is a geo-tag? An automatic tag which marks your geographical location on social media.

Geo-tags can be a great thing for a business on social media. Highlighting a location of a snap or video, can be a fantastic way to promote your local business to others. Your followers love to see new visual content, but what happens when your app has a secretive way of keeping tabs on you?

Local businesses beware - Instagram followers know your home address!

Much to the surprise of a local photographer, Danielle from Make Way Media, this tagging system had even been pin-pointing her uploads from home!

She explained her worry at the discovery, "On closer inspection it (Instagram) was plotting all my locations on posts all the time, on a map...

I thought that's not so bad! On zooming in I found it was plotting everywhere I go! My house, my friends' houses, even where I work! To the exact location on the street. Not cool at all." Continue reading

The Facebook Featured Video is another new marketing strategy for business owners to take advantage of.

First, upload your video by clicking on Photo/Video in the status update box.

Then select your video from its place on your computer. It does seem to accept .wmv files.

Give your status update some suitable explanation

But now comes the really clever bit! You have the option to add a custom call to action so make sure you click the small blue hyperlink that offers this. It is at the bottom of the status update box. Continue reading

facebook promote local businessFacebook's Promote Your Local Business has been trumpeted in the Facebook news feed as a must have opportunity for local businesses.

Because it has a choice of a Call Now or Get Directions button which will work really well on mobiles. There also the option to Like your page.

Why don't you like the Promote Local Business option, Jo?

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