You can no longer switch back to Classic Google Maps. We are all now stuck with the Full version they want us to use.

If you are seeing the Google Maps Lite version instead, you can click on the lightning bolt at the bottom right of the page to see the option to switch back to full maps.

Find out more about how to switch back to full maps here.

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Why Your Business Needs Twitter

The social media platform Twitter has 302 million active monthly users. Roughly 500 million tweets of opinions, selfies and hashtagged statuses are sent into the Twittersphere every day.

Social media platforms bring businesses an opportunity to market freely and reap potentially big benefits. Sometimes it's hard to believe that Twitter could be a way forward for a business looking to grow, so let's take a look at the cold hard facts.

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facebook page notifications

Normally we say, where Facebook go, LinkedIn will follow but this time LinkedIn beat them to the draw. They've been doing proper Page Notifications for admins for some months now.

Anyway, here is Facebook's encouragement for you to change your settings to allow these notifications.

facebook page notifications

You can click the link in the notification or you can go to Settings at the top right of your navigation bar and then select Notifications from the left hand menu.

Control your Facebook Page Notifications

You will now have the option to:

Get a notification every time there is activity on your Facebook Page

Get one Facebook Page notification every 12-24 hours

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Have you just Googled Facebook blocks my website?

The dreaded Facebook says my site is unsafe message has now morphed into a Something Went Wrong message due to a Facebook Block.

Basically, Facebook has decided that it doesn't like your website for some reason and you have to prove that the all powerful social media giant has got it wrong.

You will first realise that you have a problem when you try to click a link back to your website in a status update on your own Facebook page.

You will see this message

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This scam is still doing the rounds and they were calling businesses in Leigh on Sea this morning so be aware.


It was on Radio 5 Live this morning - social engineering.

This is where people call you up and try to persuade you to give out personal information or do something to fix a problem they have identified in order to get money.

In this case, the caller from India had got the wrong person - Rory Cellan Jones, a BBC reporter.

The man on the end of the phone told Rory that he had been notified that there was a problem on Rory's windows computer and he was calling him to help fix it.

Thing is, Rory doesn't work with Windows, he has a Mac but he decided to find out a bit more - and of course to record the call. Continue reading