Criteria for user to create LinkedIn Company page

Remember that there are strict guidelines to create a business page on LinkedIn.

  • There were obviously issues with duplicates and fakes in the past. As a result, LinkedIn now says that you have to have the company's website address as the email address used to create your profile. So that is creator@NameOfCompanyWebsite.TLD


  • No gmail or hotmail addresses are allowed. To create LinkedIn business pages, the company's email domain must be unique to the company.  This is something that small business should be particularly aware of. Many will not have bothered to set up a domain based email for their business. And it could cause them issues if they want to create a LinkedIn company page.


  • The person who wants to create the LinkedIn Company page must be a current employee with the position listed in the profile's Experience section. And that profile must be at least Intermediate in strength. It must also have several connections already.

  • It should be noted that you should not create company profiles on LinkedIn. Profiles are for individuals and company pages are for businesses. If you are asked to connect with a business using a profile, you should decline or ignore such an invitation. LinkedIn have said that they will be closing down these profiles as they do not follow their guidelines. Continue reading

There are three ways that you can use Reviews on Google Adwords.

First there are the two ways to get the little gold stars - with thanks to Joy Hawkins for helping me to make sense of this..

Reviews on Google Adwords Express

The first is by using Adwords Express linked to your local Google My Business page. It is unclear to me whether the gold stars are active at the moment or not. Here's what Mike Blumenthal said about this service back in 2011.

According to Adwords Express in the UK, the difference between their service and regular Adwords is that they are specifically designed for local small businesses and first-time advertisers. It is an automated service where several types of ads are created and constantly optimised for you showing on Google, Google Maps and relevant partner websites, on both desktop and mobile. You don’t need a website and don’t have to spend much time managing your ad campaigns. That sounds like a great way to give Google a licence to spend your advertising budget so not one I will be following up on!

AdWords, meanwhile, allows you to advertise locally, regionally and nationally. It is described as being for businesses that want more features, more reports, more tools and more control over their ad campaigns because they can select their own keywords or write multiple ads and actively monitor and manage campaigns.

Merchant Ratings on Adwords

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Can't Afford My Website, Can I Still Show On Google?Sometimes you may feel that your website is not working for you. And it certainly can be the case if you don't put as much effort into marketing your website as you did to creating it in the first place.

Or you just don't know how to optimise your website.

Or the activity happened too late.

Can't afford my website, can I still show on Google?

And, sometimes things can get so tight financially that business owners wonder what outgoings they can cut.

When the domain and hosting renewal bills come in from your 'web platform provider', this sounds like a great place to save some money.

£80/quarter is a lot of money to be spending. Especially when you can purchase your domain and hosting for £25/year if you set it up effectively.

However, your website and online presence through your Google My Business Local listing can be the things that are bringing in what customers you are getting!

So, what can you do?

Are you operating within a salon or clinic?

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when do you stop contacting prospectsWe've had to ask ourselves when you stop contacting prospects about a product. Every week for the best part of a year, Jon has pitched about our social media training courses at networking events. But only one or two people have actually signed up.

And yet, looking at the social media profiles of local business owners, there is so much they could learn on these workshops.

The classes themselves are cheap as chips and last for 90 minutes so they are not a huge chunk out of the working day.

So what is not to like?

Is it that people don't see the value of social media?

Is it that they don't have the time to implement what they will learn on the courses?

Or is it that they think they already know how to use social media, so don't think they need a course.

Or is it that our pitches are pants? We have tried quoting success stories, we have tried educating people on the value, we have tried reducing the price, we have even tried juggling to entertain. We have tried newsletters that use examples of all of the above.

But none of these has resulted in getting his regular breakfast partners signed up. Continue reading

training courses for business owners in essex

Why keeping it real is vital to using Google+ safely

Google Plus's rule was quite clear. Just like Facebook, they wanted to ensure that there were only real people on their platform.

So, you had a personal profile from which you created your business page. And that personal profile had to be in the name of a real person.

From there, you could promote your skill as an author by adding Authorship with a byline and a little picture of yourself every time Google ranked your post or page.

It was all about building trust in you as a person that it was safe to communicate with online and potentially do business with.

The whole point was that the spammers and scammers who were not prepared to use their real names were excluded!

Google Plus Announces That You Don't Have To Use Real Names Any More

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