Jon's a keen footie fan and loves to watch Aston Villa whenever they play in London. He is avidly awaiting the start of the new season next weekend and scours the internet for all the latest news about the Villa's next opposition.

So he stumbled upon an article from BBC Newsbeat about AFC Bournemouth, who are poring over the social media profiles of their potential signings. They are looking for a great work ethic and assessing whether the player will fit in with the current team personalities.

Employer checks social media profiles to ensure a good fit

Like many employers, they want to employ someone who has all the right qualifications on paper but also whose personality will not upset the smooth running of their business. Continue reading

export linkedin connectionsMany people don't realise that it is actually possibly to get critical sales data from their LinkedIn connections - at the press of a button!

Yes, LinkedIn offer a data export in a .CSV file that gives the name, email address, title and company of all your connections.

How do you get the LinkedIn Connections Data Export?

Just go to Connections and select Keep In Touch from the drop down menu.

Now, in the right hand column, you will see the option to Export LinkedIn Connections. Click.

Then select the appropriate option from the new drop down menu - I chose Yahoo Mail .csv because I do not use Outlook or Outlook Express but those may apply for you.

Within a few moments, I had a nice spreadsheet with the details of all my 500+ LinkedIn connections listed out. Continue reading


We run lots of social media courses but the 1-2-1 consultation on Google Plus is the one that could make the most difference to the visibility of your business in a local search on a PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Do you think that Google Plus is just like Facebook?

Well you could not be more wrong!

Google Plus is not just another social network.

It's what allows business owners to claim their Google Places/Plus Local listing.

It's one of the sources that Google goes to when building the Knowledge Graph for your business.

And it's what customers need to log in with if they want to leave a review for you on Google.

Your Google+ Page is the equivalent of donning a high visibility jacket - for local searches on both PC and mobile.

So we have developed a 1-2-1 consultation to help you make the most of this crucial platform, plus identify and troubleshoot any existing issues.

What sort of problems arise with Google Plus and Google Map listings?

Google Plus/My Business/Maps - whatever they are calling it this week - is a vital part of your local SEO but it is so easy to set it up all wrong.

This month we have dealt with three businesses with different issues. One had multiple duplicate listings that were harming the rank of their main listing, another could not access their Google Plus page because the employee who had set it up had left and a third was showing the wrong telephone number and email address.

Google Plus Training and Troubleshooting


  • Find out why Google+ is crucial to local businesses
  • Learn how to set up your account the right way to have the best chance of ranking
  • Understand how to use the social media capabilities of a business Google+ page
  • Discover the power of Google+ for higher visibility in search
  • A no fluff guide to the value of Google+ for the Knowledge Graph.
  • Troubleshoot any existing issues

£84+VAT per hour in our office, your office* or online by Skype and screenshare.

*We would need to make an additional charge for travelling time

Social Media Training Essex

We also run training workshops on Twitter and LinkedIn

Check out this Inbound Marketing rap by the guys at HubSpot!

It's probably one of the best things on the internet and it could even earn you some money.

Inbound marketing that is, not the rap.

Thanks, Hubspot, for this fun new way to look at the benefits of Inbound Marketing.

Enjoy the track from the SEO rapper?

You'll enjoy the benefits of SEO more. Just click on the picture below to grab your SEO checklist:


why you need twitter

If our 8 reasons why your business needs Twitter weren't convincing enough, brace yourself for round 2.

why-you-need-twitterSocial Media marketing is only progressing further.

Each time you dismiss Twitter's potential, thinking it's a waste of time, you're giving your competitors an advantage.

8 out of 10 small to medium sized businesses use social media to drive growth. (Source: SMB Social Media Stats, Hubspot)

Twitter even has an entire page dedicated to the success stories of businesses across the globe that use the platform.

You may be thinking, "But my customers aren't on Twitter either." And how can you drive business growth without reaching out to them, right? Well, you can still gain a number of benefits by creating a Twitter account. Continue reading