It's slowly been rolling out but I now have the Post Attribution Settings feature on my Facebook page.

What on earth is that, Jo?

Well, what it means is this:

New Post Attribution Settings Feature on Facebook

find your facebook page feed
When I am using Facebook as Lollipop Local, I can go into the Page Feed that shows the posts from any other Pages that Lollipop Local has liked and I can choose to like, comment or share as Lollipop Local or as Jo Shaer - without having to switch between profile and Page.

Here's what I mean!

In the top navigation bar, go to Activity.

Select Page Feed.

Now scroll down the feed through the posts and images that other Pages your Page has liked have published.

See something you want to like, comment or share?

Go to the bottom right hand corner.

facebook post attribution settings

You will see the profile picture of your Page with a little arrow next to it.

Click on the arrow to get the chance to swap from your Page to your personal profile.

facebook like, comment or share as you or your page

It may only be a small thing but it is going to save a lot of time switching between your Voices in the navigation bar at the top right and then finding that Page and the content on that Page, which is what you had to do previously!

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Lollipop Local are pleased to announce our Facebook Ads training courses.

How Facebook say you should use their platform

facebook ads promote your page

Facebook have set out their own strategy for how business owners can best use their platform.

They say:

  • Create a Page
  • Create engaging content
  • Target
  • Measure

Which all sounds very easy.

Facebook is not your friend! They want you to pay for advertising to reach your fans

However, just like Google, Facebook is not the friend of business owners. Their goal is to make money and so they actively help you to spend money on their platform to be seen by people who might buy your products or services.

Did you know that, just because someone has liked your Page, it doesn't mean that they automatically get to see all the posts that you make on that Page.

Yes, that's right, in fact, less than 10% of your posts will ever be seen by the fans of your Page - unless you pay.

Offers to Boost posts and Promote Your Page make it simple for you to use their advertising functionality to increase your reach.

How can you get more bang for your Facebuck?

But many business owners would get better 'bang for their FaceBUCK' if only they knew how to use all the tools.

We can run Facebook ads training for individual or group coaching at our offices in Essex.

What business owners have said about our Facebook Advertising courses

Here's what some people have said about these training courses:

facebook ads course testimonial

facebook ads training in leigh on sea

Facebook Ads testimonial

Recap slides for Facebook ads course attendees

Here's some of the slides from the most recent workshop. If you came on our course, you will already know the password to gain access.

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They've only gone and done it again. The Twitter layout seems to have changed as of last week and now holds a striking resemblance to the Facebook layout. It was only May when I wrote a blog about the last layout change...

It seems just as you get your bearings and become used to a new social media layout, it's soon changed again! Take a look at the old header vs the new header.

Old Twitter Layout
Old Twitter Layout


New Twitter Header
New Twitter Layout

We no longer have our messages and settings symbols on the right had side. Instead we now have our profile picture thumbnail to the left which, once clicked, gives us access to our profile, lists and settings. The message tab has now also been moved to the left hand side.

How to edit your profile settings with the new Twitter layout

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When you are learning about Statutory Sick Pay as a new employer, there are a couple of abbreviations that you need to understand.

PIW = Period of Incapacity for Work
QD = Qualifying Days
WD = Waiting Days

SSP kicks in after 4 days of incapacity providing the employee earns more than the lower limit for NI Contributions which is currently £111/week.

All information that I gleaned from a great webinar produced by HMRC. Please note, I am not an expert. This is my understanding based on the information provided in the webinar.

Qualifying conditions for Statutory Sick Pay

The person concerned must have started working for you - say they were asked to start work next Monday but have an accident on the Saturday and can't start until the following week - you are not liable to pay them sick pay

The employee must be unfit for work for at least 4 days in a row - this is called the period of incapacity for work or PIW

The employee must have an average weekly earnings equal to or more than the lower limit for NI contributions.

Notification of sickness

Notification must be within 7 days of the sickness starting - if the employee does not tell you then you can withhold SSP until the date they do notify you.

The employee can notify you via a friend or relative

The employer must have reasonable rules about notification - you cannot insist that they come to work to tell you.

Evidence of sickness

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Facebook says my website is unsafe
Facebook says my link is unsafe

Further to previous issues with Facebook saying that my website was spam, it has now gone a step further!

When I try to upload links to my website on my own Facebook business page, it gives me a warning notice that the site I am trying to link to is unsafe!

So, even though I have gone to the trouble of getting my website approved by, Norton, AVG and McAfee Trusted sources, Facebook still doesn't like it.

Scroll down to see the paragraph in red which tells you what I did to get my site back into Facebook's good books!

Facebook says my website is unsafe

I have to fill out a captcha in order to encourage them to show a link to my own website on my own Facebook page.

On the form, it says that if you feel Facebook has got it wrong, you can ask them about it. So, I filled out the form a few weeks ago.

Nothing happened.

I filled it out again yesterday.

Today, sometimes I am not able to post links to my own website on my own Facebook page AT ALL!

It just says that there is a problem and I should try again later. Continue reading