A question that came up during a LinkedIn training consultation recently was What Does Share With Public mean?

When you share a status update on LinkedIn, you get offered the choice of whether you want to share with public, share with just your connections or share with public and Twitter.

But surely when you share a status update on LinkedIn, it is only seen by your connections anyway?

Not so!

share with public on linkedin

According to the LinkedIn Help Centre, when you Share With Public, your status update could be seen:


I came across a great webinar with Paul Lemberg this week all about what constitutes a business.

He said that solo professionals don't have a business! So, if you're a sole trader or even a limited company that has only the one employee - you - the day you stop working, you don't have a business any more.

Basically, the acid test is, if you step away from your business for a few days, is your business still earning money?

So that's whether you are taking a well-earned holiday or even going to another business to be paid to run a training workshop - is your company still increasing turnover?

Because if you're not then you don't have a business. And you certainly don't have a business that you could sell on to finance your retirement - you have no exit strategy!

Do you really have a business?

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Really excited to announce that Lollipop Local has now fulfilled the criteria to display the Google Partner badge.


This means that we have passed the Google Adwords Certification examination for Search and that we have shown that we are competent at managing Adwords campaigns by having clients spending a certain amount of money on their Adwords campaigns every month.

Google advises business owners to: "team up with a Google Partner. A Google-certified agency can help you make the most of your online advertising and build your web presence.

This badge recognizes companies we trust to help you succeed on the web with our products."

If you click on our Google Partner badge, it will take you through to our Company public profile page on the the Google Partners directory - as instructed by Google for authorised use of this badge.

Word to the wise on Google Partner badges

Any company which is displaying this badge without a link to their Google Partner listing may not be officially authorised to do so by Google.

Always check the validity of this status by searching their name in the Google Adwords Partner directory.

If the company is not on the list, they are not authorised by Google to display that badge and have not met the criteria set up by Google to stop scammers from taking their name in vain.

As I was working on a LinkedIn Company Page for a new client, I realised that I couldn't give them a custom URL so they could find the page easily and/or ask their customers to follow them.

Now on some of the help pages from LinkedIn, they say it is not possible to create a custom URL but on this page and discovered that LinkedIn Company Page URLs are the title of the page with dashes in between it.

How to get a custom URL for a LinkedIn Company Page

But, in case you can't work it out easily, just check in the search bar at the top of the page when you are in edit mode and you will be able to copy and paste the exact custom URL for your Company page from there. Just remove everything after the question mark. You can even remove the trailing slash if you want to because it works with or without.

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We've put together an infographic to show you how to stop Pinterest email notifications in 5 easy steps! You might be asking yourself why you would want to disable the email notification feature...

From the minute that you sign up, Pinterest will start sending you daily notifications. This is highly frustrating when you start to lose important client conversations under a mountain of Pinterest emails that are put straight into your primary inbox! It's better to stop them sooner rather than later...

This doesn't mean that you won't ever be able to view your notifications, it just means that you have to log into your Pinterest account to view your notifications, like Facebook.

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