I think the thing that comes across most about Alex Polizzi as The Fixer is how many businesses there are out there who do not know their numbers!

We often watch amazed as entrepreneurs appear in the Dragons Den and ask for thousands of pounds of investment but don't even know if they have a viable business.

And The Fixer just confirmed this issue. Neither the owner of the business nor his wife who did the books actually understood their numbers.

It has certainly made the Lollies start looking at, not just the bottom line, but all the things that contribute to our final net profit figure.

Paul, the owner of the Hunter's Brewery was a lad who left school at 14 without qualifications but was eventually able to get a high powered job in the pharmaceutical industry.

Jacked it all in to start a business brewing beer

After a bad week at the office, he decided to jack it all in and do something that he liked the idea of - brewing beer. He liked beer and thought it couldn't be that hard.

Several hundred thousand pounds later, with his home and his marriage in jeopardy, he did have four brands of beer that tasted nice and he had hung his hat on his personal favourite - Devon Dreamer. Being based in Devon and selling to local free houses, it was going down very well. But he was never able to make a profit because he kept on spending money on equipment that did not work properly. Continue reading

An attendee of one of our Southend social media training consultations asked how she could add her domain-based email address and then create her LinkedIn Company page.

Well, it's simple really.

First you need to hover over the little picture of you at the top right of the navigation bar.

Now select Privacy & Settings.

Locate your name at the top left of the page that you are given.

Underneath it will say Primary Email and give you the option to Change or Add

Click Change or Add Continue reading

customise background on linkedinOooh, how excited I was to get an email telling me that I am amongst the first to get access to the new customisable backgrounds for LinkedIn profiles.

Well, the first of those of us who only have a free profile anyway.

I jumped in straightaway.

The image size you need is a minimum of 1400 x 425px and no larger than 4MB. Files can be jpg, png or gif. I didn't have anything that size so I used the header from my LinkedIn Company page and added it to an image of that size in Photoshop. Change the background at the bottom and Bob's Your Uncle.

Upload to LinkedIn.

Aargh! The image is too big for the area between the top of the profile and the top of the page - especially when they stick some kind of internal ad over the top of it.

Look for edit button. It was there for a moment and then it disappeared without trace.

Logged out and logged in. Still no edit feature.

To change or remove a background photo on LinkedIn:

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google my business logoThe switch from Google Plus to Google My Business means that there are a lot of inconsistencies in the categories for existing businesses which have been ported over.

For one of my clients, the primary category no longer exists but the dashboard would not let me make the change.

So I raised a support ticket with Google My Business last week.

I was not particularly hopeful of getting anything resolved.

My experiences with the non-existent supported offered to Google Local and Google Plus listings in the past have made me cynical.

Using Google My Business Help

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