Be aware that Horde's clunky and hard to use system has become even more incomprehensible.

I had a site that was attacked by a bot sending out hundreds of email messages and, when the attack was stopped, it left all those messages in the Horde inbox of my client's email.

So how to bulk delete all those messages from Horde?

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Further to our recent post on the Google Local Stack, we're getting regular calls from business owners about problems with their Google My Business local map listings.

It's vital for your Local SEO that you get your map listing - and all the data that feeds into it - correct.

  • Duplicate listings where the Name of the business is incorrect - causing confusion for Google and a lower or non-existant ranking for the town where the business is based.
  • Duplicate listings where the address of the business is not right - causing confusion for Google and customers.
  • Duplicate listings where the phone number is wrong - so customers cannot get in touch.
  • Duplicate listings where happy customers have left some reviews on one and some on other - they want one listing with all their reviews to show how great they are.
  • Verified listings which show the pin marker on Google Maps in the wrong place - sending their customers to a location that does not exist in another town.
  • The business owner does not have/cannot get access to the map listing because it was set up by a previous SEO company/employee - this one is becoming more and more common
  • The business has been set up as a Storefront when it is actually run from a private home so Google won't show it.
  • The business Name has had lots of spammy keywords added to it so Google won't show it.
  • The business owner has set up more than one listing with different Names but the same Address and Phone number so Google won't show any of them.

It is getting easier to rectify these issues but you still have to know what you are doing. And your back story across the internet needs to confirm the changes that you want to make. Continue reading

At the end of last week, Mike Blumenthal introduced us all to Google's new Local Stack for local search terms, e.g., local seo in essex.
This is the latest visual incarnation of the ongoing saga from Google Places, Google+, Google+ Local, Google My Business - still not sure what it's officially being called at the moment!

Rolling out almost simultaneously across the globe, including the UK, the new Google Local Stack is a shadow of its former glory.

A mere 3-pack of local results giving easy access to the company website as well as directions - if the business is not a Service Area Business with a hidden address. Having said that, it does seem to be showing hidden addresses in some instances in the US and Canada so let me know if your British address is being revealed.

What is most noticeable is that these listings do not show a phone number, necessitating an additional click to get this crucial piece of information. Hopefully that will be resolved sooner rather than later.

The End of Google+ Local?

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help centre on linkedin to add second email when you dont know primary email
find the help centre on LinkedIn

How to add a second LinkedIn Email without password or access to the primary email account - when you are still logged in

We had this problem recently at Lollipop Local.

Jon had lost access to his original email account. The one he used to set up LinkedIn many months ago. He had also forgotten the password.

He could not add a new email that he does have access to because, to make the change, they were asking for the password that goes with the old email address.

Fortunately, he had never logged out of his original account. So, he could access the Help Centre whilst still logged into that account.

He needed to click the little picture of him in the top right hand corner.

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Jon's a keen footie fan and loves to watch Aston Villa whenever they play in London. He is avidly awaiting the start of the new season next weekend and scours the internet for all the latest news about the Villa's next opposition.

So he stumbled upon an article from BBC Newsbeat about AFC Bournemouth, who are poring over the social media profiles of their potential signings. They are looking for a great work ethic and assessing whether the player will fit in with the current team personalities.

Employer checks social media profiles to ensure a good fit

Like many employers, they want to employ someone who has all the right qualifications on paper but also whose personality will not upset the smooth running of their business. Continue reading